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SSAB Hardox wear-resistant plate line of four people to visit Jisan Heavy Industry

On November 1, 2023, at the sincere invitation of Jisan Heavy Industry, SSAB Rui Steel plate Asia Pacific Sales director Marta McInally, technical director Li Xiaoyan, accompanied by Cui Yujie, general manager of North China Sales, and Li Xin, sales manager of Shandong Region, four people came to Yantai to discuss and determine the future strategic cooperation direction with Jisan Heavy Industry.
Hardox Wearparts ® is the world's leading supplier of wear-resistant parts and services under the SSAB Swedish steel Group, with more than 500 centres in more than 100 countries. Hardox Wearparts ® serves a wide range of industries, providing wear resistant products for the wear challenges that customers encounter with their products.
Whether it is mining, quarrying, construction, forestry, coal or any other industry where wear is a problem, thousands of Hardox Wearparts ® wear products will protect the production of customers to meet their full range of needs. In the face of a wide range of wear conditions, the wear-resistant solutions of Hardox Wearparts ® are a reliable guarantee of optimal performance and service life.

Hardox ® wear products not only minimize wear on fittings but also increase productivity. SSAB Rui steel plate technicians have fully affirmed Jisan Heavy Industry's R & D technology, production process and strict quality control.
Ms. Yang Shaojing, Chairman of Jisan Heavy Industry, accompanied SSAB Rui Steel plate Marta McInally to visit the company's factory and production workshop first, explaining in detail the development history of the enterprise and the successful application of Hardox steel plate in our company's equipment products, improving the excellent performance of Jisan brand equipment products. The high hardness, high strength, high toughness and excellent weldability, impact strength and bending properties of hardox steel make the fittings lighter and more durable.

This time to become a member of SSAB Hardox ® wear-resistant products center, indicating that Jisan Heavy Industry and SSAB cooperation will be closer.

Ms. Yang Shaojing, Chairman of the Board, said: "After joining the Hardox ® In My Body Global brand program, we are very pleased to renew our deep cooperation with SSAB. Jointly promote the development and application of SSAB Hardox ® wear-resistant products and Jisan accessories, to achieve the perfect integration of SSAB Hardox ® wear-resistant products and Jisan accessories, which will undoubtedly bring better q uality to our products, we look forward to working together to lead the new standard and new direction of industry products, both sides will work together to provide customers with better quality products and services.

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