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Agency advantage
You are welcome to join the Sales Networking network of JISAN hydraulic beaker. JISAN HEAVY INDUSTRY is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic breaker. The product quality, professional technology, accessories inventory and sales service possess a stronger competitiVe ability in the same industry. In the past, the company and its products, services are approved by distributors, agents and the general users. We are looking for the companies who have business intents of hydraulic breaker to become our agents or distributors. and then create greater benefits for both parties.
1.Product InstaHatton
After installation agents debug the machine, deliver the machine to customer, fill in installation debugging report which is signed by the customer, and then hand it on to Jisan Heavy Industry.
2.Replacement of Weartng Parts
If the customer cannot replace the wearing parts by themselves, agents are in charge of replacement for customers.
3.Malntenance and Repair
Agents make repair and maintenance service for customers during the warranty period. The agents should fill in the after service report. and then submit it to the company.
4.Customer Training
After installation and debugging, it is required to explain the detailed methods of operation, routine maintenance, matters and attention for customers.
5.Fault Report
lf agents can not handle a serious fault, agents should take photos and promptly report them to the company.
6.Customer Supervising
Agents'service staff should supervise the using condition of accessories for clients in the daily work with JISAN Company, for example. when finding the customer not using pure JISAN accessories during the warranty period or clients not asking the appointed agent for repair in the maintenance and repair, agents should promptly inform the company while removing the customer warranty.
Jisan Heavy Industry takes you into a new business model,
New profit growth point, looking forward to your joining!
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