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In 2019, we have participated in the China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (BICES), the China Top 100 Renewable Resources Summit, the Indonesian Jakarta Construction Machinery Exhibition (KONSTRUKSI INDONESIA), the Australian International Machinery Manufacturing Week Exhibition (NATIONAL MANUFACTURING WEEK) and other major exhibitions to expand the influence of the world.
2018 Shanghai International Construction Machinery BMW Exhibition (BAUMA CHINA) orders doubled. Successfully developed large machinery and equipment such as scrap car disassemblers.
2017: In May, Jisan constantly updated product performance, have introduced heavy-duty hydraulic shear, hydraulic pulverizer, new grasping steel and other products.
In November, Jisan purchased several CNC machine tools to expand its production capacity.
2016: In March, Jisan successfully manufactured six types of hydraulic shear and sold to overseas.
In September, Jisan new workshop covering 57000 square meters was put into use. Jisan Heavy Industry Ltd, as the leading manufacturer of excavator attachments, will continually focus on development and production of high quality products to satisfy customers home and abroad.
2015: In December, chisel diameter 165mm, 175mm and 185mm Jisan hydraulic breakers completed mass production and were put into market.
2014: In September, Jisan started to focus on heavy duty hydraulic breaker manufacture.
2013: In December, the company successfully signed a five hundred thousand contract with foreign agent. Jisan products get well recognized in Global market.
In May, Jisan products passed CE, CIMA and GOST-R certification.
2012: In November, the company had the capacity to develop and manufacture excavator attachments more than ten series of fifty types, and devoted to be the most professional excavator attachments manufacturer in China.
2011: In March, the first hydraulic quick hitch completed production with excellent quality, which means Jisan excavator attachments production line officially put into use.
Subsequently in April, other excavator attachments products (including hydraulic plate compactor and hydraulic grapple) achieved great success in the market.
2010: In December, Jisan hydraulic breaker was sold more than 1000 sets with annual revenue up to six million dollars.
2009: In February, the company was founded with the name “JISAN HEAVY INDUSTRY LTD.”
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