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Dear Jisan users:
        Hello! Thank you very much for your trust in Jisan, using the hydraulic attachments carefully produced by our company. Your satisfaction has always been our measure of success or failure. For this reason, we Jisan people always strive to provide you with the best products, the lowest prices, and the best services. In pursuit of your greater satisfaction, we have made detailed descriptions and regulations on the after-sales process, so as to produce a greater understanding with you, so as to be able to serve you better and faster. The contents are as follows:

Before Sales
★ When you receive our product, please check the manual, kit and accessory carefully.
★ Please check instructions before installation.
★ Fill out installation report when the product is installed on your excavator, and then Fax the report back to our office.
★ JISAN company regards those who fail to send the filled installation report back as giving up the after-sale right.

After sales
★ If there's any quality problem of our products, please contact our service department promptly. At the same time please send the Failure Report along with the picture and part number of fault parts to us.
★ JISAN Company is not responsible for the failure caused by not using original parts.

★ The claim item will be carried out according to the warranty exactly.
★ Please submit the Failure Report with detailed information of failure parts.
★ The parts damage caused by improper operation is not within the scope of the claims.
★ When you receive the replacement parts, please return the damaged parts to our company.

Damaged Parts Delivery
★ Distributors need to return damaged parts to Jisan when receive the replacement parts, and assist us to find the reason in the least time.
★ Distributors need to contact our after-sale department and get permission before delivery.
★ Please fill in your company as Shipper on shipping order. Please use logistics company appointed by Jisan. Please fax shipping list.

After-sales hotline
Company Name: Jisan Heavy Industry Ltd. Post
Address: NO 41, Jinfeng Road, Fushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China
After-sales service line: 400-0535-680
Code: 265500
Website: www.jisanbr.net
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