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Hundreds of feet are more progressive, Jisan spirit is in my heart
Before the thick taste of the year, the factory building of Jisan Heavy Industry began to dry up, and orders like snowflakes came one after another. After the fifteenth day of the first month, the workshop of Jisan began to work overtime.

      While every family was rushing to production, Liu Mingfu, the head of the finished product assembly, and Zhang Lu, the employee, were accidentally injured by liquid nitrogen. Although Liu Mingfu was slightly injured, the family insisted on going to his hospital for inspection, but he flatly refused , Smiled and said: Nothing, no pain, nothing, and continue to work. After sending Zhang Lu to the hospital for bandaging, he resolutely returned to the workshop and continued to work. The family members persuaded him to go back to rest. The company also granted Zhang Lu sick leave, but he did not take a day off and was busy in his post every day As a result, someone persuaded him to rest, he simply said that it was all right and capable.


      This is Jisan ’s excellent team, and like them they put the company ’s interests first, and they always work hard to complain, but always hey, saying that it ’s okay, there are too many family members who are not tired. When the company is rushing to work, they can work overtime until all night, and they still appear on time at their posts the next day. This is the Jisan people. They don't care about their personal gains and losses, but they keep the quality and quantity. A welding joint and a steel plate are not tolerated at all. This is the Jisan people. When other employees caught a cold, they wished to give their medicine to the other party, and advised the other party to take a good rest, but they were sick, but said that it was fine, a small cold, work overtime as usual, this is also Jisan people.

      Today's finished product assembly department is also the spirit of Jisan people. They are the company's last procedure and one of the most stringent procedures. They are carefully inspected from a large part to a small screw, and they will never let any bad parts occur, because the details determine the success or failure, and the reward must be paid. In action.

      At the same time, after the accident, the company immediately made effective rectification measures for the incident. The employees in the accident were equipped with anti-freeze cotton gloves, and they must wear the labor protection protection issued by the company during low-temperature operations. Supplies. To prevent the recurrence of such accidents, to ensure the safety of every family member.
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