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Work hard and work hard forever
Work hard and work hard forever
The development of every enterprise is inseparable from the decision-making and guidance of the leader of the enterprise, and the employees, senior and middle-level employees of every link in the enterprise. Position, doing her job step by step, busy.
In the first workshop of Jisan Heavy Industry ’s attachments, after welding all the attachments by welding workers, an indispensable step is to be taken, that is, shot blasting and derusting. At first glance, many people may feel strange, but in his In his eyes, he is already familiar with light cars, he is not tall and thin, and he is more than half a year old. This person is Li Chunwen. Every welded product uses a dedicated "BMW" hydraulic trailer, one by one. Hauled from the factory to the shot blasting machine outside the factory, lifted the product into the equipment for derusting, during this period he will use the free time to carry out simple maintenance and inspection of the equipment, find the problem in time, and repair it in time , To ensure the normal operation of production, in this way, the products that are towed in and out by him in a day are tens of pieces in size, tens of pounds light, hundreds or even heavier kilos, he never says the word tired, which appears in the equipment Problem, he will go all out to repair the fault together with the maintenance personnel, making him like a metal dust, without a complaint, he works silently in his ordinary post day after day.
 There are many people like him in Jisan's workshop. They are busy in positions that are not well-known to everyone. Perhaps they can't call their names. They are doing seemingly simple and indispensable work. Jisan's development can not lack these silently dedicated family members.
 Jisan is more exciting because of you.
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