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Excavator [hydraulic oil] related problems are here!
挖The excavator owner can identify the quality of hydraulic oil by the following methods:
1. Look at the color of the hydraulic oil. If the oil is milky white and turbid, it means that the oil contains water.
2. Use dry new cotton paper dipped in hydraulic oil and then burn. If there is a crackling sound, it means that the hydraulic oil contains water.
3. Take a bit of hydraulic oil and check it in the sun. If there is a light emitting point, or rub with two fingers dipped in hydraulic oil, if you feel a grainy feeling, it means that the hydraulic oil is the remaining oil at the bottom of the tank or there are impurities in the oil, which is easy to cause Phenomenon of hydraulic components wear and gear lever can not move.
What are the reasons for hydraulic oil turning black?
Influence of metal impurities
1. The most likely cause is the abrasive debris generated by the high-speed rotation of the pump. You must consider all the parts that rotate with the pump, such as the wear of bearings and volume chambers;
2. The spool of the hydraulic valve runs back and forth, and the debris generated by the back and forth operation of the cylinder, but this phenomenon will not occur in a short time;
3. The new machine will produce a lot of iron filings when the equipment is running in. I do n’t know whether you will empty the hydraulic oil in the oil tank when you change the oil. If there is no oil, there may be a lot of iron filings remaining in the oil tank, which will also cause the new oil to be contaminated and blackened.
Environmental impact
Check whether your hydraulic system is closed and whether the breathing hole is intact; check the exposed parts of the hydraulic part of the equipment to see if the seal is intact, such as the dust ring of the oil cylinder.
1. Not clean when changing hydraulic oil;
2. The oil seal is aging;
3. The working environment of the excavator is too bad, causing the filter element to block;
4. There are a lot of air bubbles in the air into the hydraulic pump;
5. The hydraulic oil tank is in communication with the air. The dust and impurities in the air will enter the oil tank after a long time of use. The oil must be dirty;
6. If the oil particle size test meets the cleanliness requirements, it can be ruled out that it is dust pollution. To be sure, it is caused by the high temperature of the hydraulic oil.
What are the precautions for replacing hydraulic oil?
Choose the right hydraulic oil, but also replace the hydraulic oil correctly. The following points need to be noted during the replacement of hydraulic oil:
1. Before replacing the original hydraulic oil, check the oil return filter element, oil suction filter element, pilot filter element to see if there are iron filings, copper scraps or other impurities. If there are any, there may be hydraulic component failures. .
2. When changing the hydraulic oil, all the hydraulic oil filter elements (return oil filter element, oil suction filter element, pilot filter element) must be replaced at the same time, otherwise it is equivalent to not changing the hydraulic oil.
3. Identify the hydraulic oil label. Hydraulic oils of different labels and brands are not mixed, and may react to deteriorate and produce flocs. It is recommended to use the designated oil for this excavator.
4. The oil suction filter must be installed before refueling. The nozzle covered by the suction filter element leads directly to the main pump. If impurities are introduced, the main pump will wear out when light, and the pump will be pumped when heavy.
5. Refuel to the standard position. There are oil level gauges on the hydraulic oil tanks. Pay attention to the parking method. Generally, all cylinders are fully retracted, that is, the arm and bucket are fully extended and landed.
6. After refueling, pay attention to the main pump to exhaust air, otherwise the vehicle will not move temporarily, the main pump will be abnormal (air sonic boom), and the cavitation will damage the main pump. The method of exhausting air is to loosen the pipe joint directly on the top of the main pump and fill up directly.
Finally, I would like to share with you specifically
The owner's necessary knowledge of hydraulic pump maintenance
When I asked: boss, how is your hydraulic pump broken, there are often bosses who are very depressed and tell me: I haven't changed the oil for two years, I think it's okay! Dropped a filter element screw and broke it! Even more amazing is that a piece of concrete was accidentally dropped when adding hydraulic oil, thinking that the filter element can be filtered out! The hydraulic pump damage caused by various improper maintenance is regrettable!
The 4 points are the maintenance instructions I compiled based on many years of hydraulic pump repair experience. I hope that all excavator bosses do not have the luck psychology, diligent inspection and diligent oil change!
1. Daily check the fasteners of the hydraulic pump, such as: whether the screw is loose, whether the pipeline interface is leaking oil, and whether the oil seal is clean.
2. The hydraulic oil pollution has fatal damage to the hydraulic pump. The maximum period of hydraulic oil replacement is 2000 hours. Excavators with more than 10,000 hours are recommended to change the oil for 1500 hours.
3. Daily check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, whether it becomes black, water content and whether there is odor. 4. After a long period of shutdown or repair or replacement of the pump, oil injection and exhaust operations are required.
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