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Jisan Heavy Industry "welcome the golden autumn, show morale" PK competition kicked off
In order to enrich the spare time of employees, better enhance the employees' collective sense of belonging and team cohesion, and enable employees to appreciate the care of Jisan Heavy Industry's family and the platform to fully demonstrate themselves, the company specially organized a team PK competition to welcome the golden autumn and show morale.
In the PK game, each team came to the stage in order, and their talents and morale were complemented by each other. The morale display is based on the cultural characteristics of various departments, with slogans, songs, chorus and other forms selected. They formed various phalanxes, and with full enthusiasm, shouted the heroic feelings of the young team of Jisan Heavy Industry, which fully demonstrated the full mental outlook of all departments and the high morale of the team.
The employees of Jisan Heavy Industry are not afraid of change, but they should focus on their goals and make unremitting efforts. As long as we firmly believe that our choice is right, I believe that under the leadership of President Yang, all employees will work together and move forward hand in hand, and we can certainly achieve great results in the future.
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